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To make a purchase
To make a purchase just follow these simple and easy to understand steps:
1 - Choose a category by clicking one of the buttons to the left of your screen, a choice of products offered to you. Click on the product you want to buy, the picture will be enlarged so that you can better see it.
2 - Following the description of the product you have a field where you can enter the quantity of product you want to order, the default amount is only one product so if you want more it is essential to specify. Then click on the order button.
3 - An invoice appears with a subtotal of your order (without tax or shipping) you can then choose to continue shopping or pay the bill. If you have not finished your shopping click on the continue shopping button, otherwise click on the button to pay the bill. Surely you see a small yellow padlock next to the button, it means that the payment is secure.
4 - A page asking you to enter personal data for billing, dispatch and payment will appear, you must fill in all open squares with a small red star on the left side. If your shipping address is the same as your billing address, you do not have to re-register all your details, click copy billing delivery and all information automatically defer billing to shipping. Then, choose the payment method and enter the information related to it. Click finish and you have a printable invoice with all the information you just entered button.
When you click the Finish button, your order is sent and you can not change anything before clicking this button ensure that you have finished shopping. You can make changes to the products you have selected (in remove, add or change the amount) or continue your purchase by clicking on the revert to cart button.
Taxes and shipping costs are calculated automatically according to the country and the province that you have registered, you have the information on the amounts that will be charged on the invoice.